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Toilet Clogged? Try These 5 Things To Fix It

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Do you have a toilet that's clogged and you don't know what to do about it? Try these techniques before you call a plumber.

Let The Clog Sit

One thing that you can try doing is just letting the clog sit for a while before you start trying all sorts of things to get it unclogged. Sometimes all it takes is some time for the toilet paper and waste in the plumbing to soften up, which will help it pass on the next flush. If you immediately try using several techniques, you'll be dealing with a clog that is much harder to clear. 

Use A Metal Coat Hanger 

It can help to break up the clog that's in the toilet by using a metal coat hanger. Try making a small hook with the end of the coat hanger and putting it in the drain, and see if that will help move or break up whatever is preventing the water from flowing through. You may be surprised at how this simple solution can be so effective. 

Add More Water

Putting more water in the bowl of the toilet can actually help clear the clog because it is going to put more pressure on the water that is forced through the pipe. You can do this by flushing the toilet and waiting for the water level to rise. If it is rising too fast and about to overflow, you can manually push the flapper down in the tank to stop the toilet from continuing to fill. There is no need to shut off the water going to the toilet, which will take longer and have the same effect. 

Clear The Path Of The Jets

Your toilet has several jets where water comes through to push the solid waste into the drain. Make sure that these jets are completely clear so that the most pressure possible is being used to move the waste further down the drain. If the clog is covering the jets, flushing is not going to do much to clear the clog.

Use The Right Plunger

Be aware that there are cup and flange plungers. Cup plungers work best on flat surfaces where you need to form suction, such as a kitchen sink. A flange plunger is going to fit better in the bottom of the toilet and help form that seal needed to push the waste through the pipe. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers toilet backup services.