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3 Odor Remediation Machines To Compare When You Need To Eliminate Odors In Your Rental Homes

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If you're a landlord with several rental homes, you may encounter problems with odors in some of your homes when your tenants move out. This might be due to pets, smokers, or unsanitary living conditions. You might even have to deal with odors from mold or a sewer backup.

An odor remediation machine can make odor removal easy, quick, and effective. You buy the machine based on the size of the space it can treat and the type of treatment it provides. Here are three types of odor remediation machines to compare.

1. Ozone Machines 

Ozone machines are popular because they work quickly and they are effective at eliminating all odors through oxidation. An ozone machine works by drawing in room air on one side and converting the oxygen in the air into ozone. The ozone comes out of the other side of the machine and is blown through the room. You may need to set up fans to blow the ozone around so it gets on all the fabrics and surfaces in the room. When the ozone contacts organic material such as bacteria and mold that produce odors, it destroys the odor-causing particles and then converts them back to oxygen.

An ozone generator doesn't work very well in humid conditions, so if you're dealing with water damage, you may need to run a dehumidifier first to pull the moisture from the room.

2. Hydroxyl Generators

A hydroxyl generator makes hydroxyl radicals using UV light in a small machine. It doesn't produce ozone, so this odor remediation machine is safe to use around people. Hydroxyls are found outside in nature since they are created by UV light from the sun. Hydroxyl molecules can be made indoors by a generator.

The generator pulls room air into the machine where the air passes through a chamber with a UV light. The light then causes moisture in the air to break down and form hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyls blow out of the machine and when they meet up with chemicals or odors, they break them up.

When the odor molecules break up, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the creation of even more hydroxyls. This allows the hydroxyls to multiply and saturate the entire room. A hydroxyl generator works more slowly than an ozone generator, but it has the advantage of being more effective in humid conditions.

3. Chemical Fogging Machines

Chemical fogging machines are another option for odor remediation. These must be used in unoccupied spaces since it's necessary to saturate the room with chemicals. This ensures odor molecules floating through the air are eliminated as well as surface molecules.

The chemicals neutralize odors and deodorize the space as long as the room remains saturated for the length of time recommended by the chemical manufacturer.